Why Should You Consider Upgrading Your RO Water Purifier?

Having a water purifier at home is a mandatory as the water quality available for consumption is mostly contaminated by various sources. At times, people consume treated water from water purifier installed at their homes and still complain of water-borne diseases like food poisoning, gastroenteritis, diarrhoea etc. When the inmates of the house are suffering from any waterborne disease in spite of drinking water from a water purifier, it’s time to get it checked. Either the purifier is not working optimally and requires maintenance or it is time to consider an upgrade.

If you type RO India in a search engine, you will get multiple purifiers ranging drastically in terms of features and prices. Every technology is built for treating a particular contaminant category. For instance, RO is best for treating hard water. UF purifiers use semi-permeable membrane to remove contaminants from water. But, in this, the membrane has larger holes of about 0.01 microns as against those in RO, which are 0.0001 microns. Hence, it can remove microorganisms and undissolved solids but is not suitable for removing dissolved solids. This technology can thus be used in areas where water doesn’t have high TDS.

When Should You Consider an Upgrade?

Here are few situations wherein you might have to consider upgrading your water purifier:

  • Consumption of contaminated water leads to many diseases and infections some of which can even prove to be fatal.  Installing a particular water purifier it may suffice the purpose of purifying the water coming to your home. But, with time, the quality of water reaching your taps may deteriorate and you now need a purifier that is uses a combination of RO+UV+UF for better purification.

  • Having a proper and efficient water purification system according to the quality of water that you receive is important. At times, we go for a purifier that purifies water completely; however   it also removes essential minerals that are required by the body. You need a water purifier with an inbuilt TDS controller to retain the essential minerals in the purified water. Getting a RO+UV+UF+TDS Control purifier is thus recommended in case you are getting water from multiple sources like bore wells, taps and tanks.

  • Those who live on rent often have to change houses. Similarly, those moving in their new house might be changing the locality. If you change job, then you might even have to change the city. In all these scenarios, you move to new areas and the water quality can be different there. The water purifier that you have been using till date and was efficient might not be enough now and hence you need to go for an upgrade. One major requirement for the change of place today is to see if your old appliances require an upgrade. Not all require upgrades, but some do, and water purifier is one of them that should be checked on priority. Get the water reaching your taps tested and figure out if you need to replace your water purifier.

Checking if your water purifier requires an upgrade is directly related to the betterment of your health and well-being and thus should not be ignored. So, look into all the above aspects and decide whether it is time to upgrade your water purifier. Do your research and pick a purifier with the latest technologies so that you can get 100% germ-free water.

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